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Custom Alterations

Sun Welding is known for custom alterations.  We can change most custom requests, from: steel, size, color, feature, pull handle, emergency release, interior, etc.
Here are a few of the custom alterations we have done.


 Custom 3 rifle interior.

Custom "Barbie" pink with internal emergency release.

Hidden compartment on the bottom of the safe.

"Guns Up" on top with ammo storage on the bottom.

Custom logos FNRA

Custom interior layout with 4 compartments of rifle storage. Also custom width of 72"W.

Custom color match "Tiffany Blue"

Custom color match.

Custom artwork on side of safe

Custom drop arm

Custom Finish

Repaint Merlo Safe

Corner Bolts

Custom logo

Vault Door - 48"W x 80"H
w/ SecuRam EMP Redundant lock

Custom White Paint on matching Heirloom Safes