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02/08/18 House fire Salisbury, NC on the 22nd of last month safe was right in the middle of the house we picked it up with a crane open the door safe seems to be in good shape and fact I'm going to clean it repaint it and use it in my reloading building as an ammunition storage dial still works key still works seems to be in very good shape thank you for producing a quality product the safe was bought approximately 40 years ago. Thanks again Doug B.

NOTE: This older Pony Express safe does NOT have ANY fire liner.

04/11/2016 V.C. Safe movers installed the repaired safe today. It looks like new. Many thanks.
You could have used it as an example of its security, look at the damage it received without being breached! They obviously spent a lot of time trying to get into the safe. Waste of their time and mine.


01/17/2015 I would like to thank Sun Welding for making one of the best safes on the market today. Their customer service and Quality of there safes are second to none. I purchased one of your safes for piece of mind and boy did it pay off. My house was broken into while it was being fumigated, and the thieves had hours to try and get into the safe. The thieves ground off and drilled the combination dial off of it. They also cut off the 3 spoke opening mechanism and all of the hinges along with trying to grind thru the door. None of that worked very well for them. Fortunately I had placed everything that was important to us in that safe prior to the fumigation.

I really want to thank Sun Welding and Christine for all the help with the insurance company and getting thru this experience. They were very prompt at getting back to me with all my questions. They told me whom to call to get the safe open and had it put in a timely manner for evaluation. I have ordered a replacement and they are building it all within 2 weeks of the attempted break in. Thank you for suggesting to me to get a safe that I could grow into because that saved a few more items that the thieves couldn’t get to. I will always use Sun Welding for all my safe needs. I am so glad I chose you guys to buy a safe from.



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