Handgun security and gun safes

Pistol BoxFirst, you’ll want a gun safe for your handgun that balances your need for security, with a need to quickly retrieve the weapon in emergency situations.

Sun Welding's quick access Simplex push button lock is easy to use and quick to open. The small pistol box can be stored under a bed or inside your gun safe for added security.

Most firearm safety organizations suggest that you keep your ammunition in a locked location separate from your weapons. This is not strictly required by law, although states like California do require that firearms be kept unloaded.

Why does handgun security matter?

First, guns are expensive, and you don’t want them stolen. Stolen guns in the wrong hands can result in misuse.

Another reason for many gun owners is children. Children are curious, even if a weapon is well hidden, a child may still find out.

A gun safe is a precaution to ensure that the weapon you use to protect your family doesn’t effect their safety.

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