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Lifetime Warranty

Sun Welding Safe Company - Limited Lifetime Warranty

We strive to be the most honest safe manufacture in the industry.  We tell you everything about our warranty up front.  All of Sun Welding Safe's have the same lifetime warranty. We offer an extended 10 year or lifetime warranty on a variety of locks (BigRed Mechanical, S&G Mechanical, LaGard Electronic, LaGard Redundant).

Sun Welding's Warranty:
C & H Welding, Inc. warrants the Sun Welding Safe to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser from the date of delivery.  Internal parts such as locks are subject to the warranties issued by the manufacturer of these units, see below.  Paint carries a two year warranty from original purchase date.

Sun Welding Co. will repair or replace, at our option, free of charge any Sun Welding safe broken into by forced entry during the warranty period.  The safe must have been locked with the combination lock or digital lock, (not the day key only) and been securely bolted to the floor and/or wall.  The damaged safe must be returned to the factory for evaluation (transportation charges prepaid by returning party) along with a report written by the investigating authorities.  A new safe will be sent to the original owner of the damaged unit freight collect.

Sun Welding Safe Co. will also repair, free of charge, any Sun Welding safe damaged in a forced-entry burglary attempt, providing homeowners insurance will not cover the claim.  The safe must be returned to the factory, by prepaid freight, for evaluation along with a report made by investigating authorities.  The repaired or replacement safe will be returned to the owner freight collect.

This warranty does not apply to damage or loss resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, and improper installation or scratching of paint, normal wear and tear or negligence.

All unauthorized repairs or modifications performed (i.e.: lock installation, combination changes on combination locks, etc.) will void the warranty.

The responsibility of Sun Welding Safe Co. under this warranty is limited to replacement or repair of defective parts at the Sun Welding Safe Co. factory in Simi Valley, CA., or at a point designated by Sun Welding with all transportation charges paid by the original purchaser.

The implied warranty of merchant ability with all other implied warranties on Sun Welding Safes are hereby excluded and disclaimed.  As a result, there are no warranties extending beyond those expressively stated in this limited warranty.

Warranty registration must be received to Sun Welding within three (3) months of the purchase date of the safe.


To register your safe:


Common Warranty Questions:

Paint carries a two year warranty from Sun Welding.  This does not cover you scratching or misuse/abuse of the safe.  Touch up paint (small vial) can be purchased for $10 under the accessories.
Mechanical Locks:Sargent & Greenleaf and BigRed the manufacture of the mechanical locks offers a two year warranty from date of manufacture.  Sun Welding offers a 10 year and lifetime warranty on some mechanical locks.  Per the lock manufacture the lock should be serviced every year. Never force or strike the dial.
Electronic Locks: 
LP the manufacture of the lock offer a two year warranty from date of manufacture.

LaGard/Kaba (LG), Sargent & Greenleaf (S&G), and SecuRam the manufacture of the electronic lock offer a one year warranty from date of manufacture. 

Sun Welding offers a 10 year and lifetime warranty on some electronic locks.  We will not cover the locksmith entry if you are at fault for damaging the safe (this falls under misuse/abuse). The safe will be examined by the lock manufacturer to determine what the malfunction is and how it occurred. The reason we don't cover them in our standard warranty is because we told you how these are like any other electronic device you have ever owned. They are not designed to last a lifetime. The locks need to maintained. Per the locks manufacture the lock should be serviced every year.
Failing to Change the Combo Correctly: 
Sun Welding gives you as much instruction as possible to prevent this from happening, however, if you end up needing a locksmith after failing to change the combination, you will need to cover the charges. Please keep in mind we can tell the difference between user error and malfunction.
Bolt Down:
We require the safe being properly bolted down to prevent injury. Do not open the safe while it's upside down, or on it's back. Keep children at a safe distance while shutting the safe.

Warranty Service:   
To obtain warranty service, the purchaser must provide a letter from their home owners insurance company denying payment/coverage of the safe. The letter must reference; burglary or fire, include prior authorization to return the defective safe (empty of contents), include proof of purchase (if we don't already have you in our system), supply photographs of the damage prior to shipping, be within 30 days of the incident, and have the safe ready to be picked up ( bolted to a pallet, foam, and cardboard boxed) at a location the freight company can pick it up. This warranty does not cover any cost to remove or install the current or replacement safe.