There are so many different gun safes out there right now. These can be cheap, mid-range, or even expensive. However for those that just can’t get away with something that is just a value oriented product, there are always the best of the best high end gun safes on the market for those. A Man and His Gear has made a list of the top 10 best high end gun safes in the USA.  

"This is another great USA made gun safe manufacturer that builds a safe exactly to the way you want. Their highest end Vault safe offers a ½” solid steel plate door, and a ¼” exterior body steel, both of which are incredibly impressive numbers for a safe that starts at just over $4000. These safes are also incredibly customizable, and you can add whatever you would like to the front, inside, and what steel you can have on the safe. They have upgradable fire ratings, locks, pull handles, and door organizers. If you are looking for a high end gun safe, but are on a budget, this probably is the safe for you. "