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Vault Door

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Sale Price: $1,999.00
Vault Door
Part Number: 122
Availability: Lead time 1-6 weeks.

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  • 1/4" Solid Plate Door 
  • 14 Locking Bolts (6 Active Opening Side, 6 Dead Bolts Hinge Side, 2 Top Bolts) Optional Bottom Bolt
  • Matte Gray Paint (gloss options available)
  • 30 Minute Fire Rating (Up to 1 Hour Available)
  • Single Drop Handle (3 or 5 spoke options available)
  • Mechanical Combination Lock or Electronic Electronic Lock (additional options available)
  • Left Hand Hinge (right optional)
  • OUTSWING DOOR (Inswing door optional)
  • Internal Release included
  • Crate for shipping $300 required (Added to shipping during checkout)

HINGE LOCATION - Standing on the outside, looking at the front of the door, the hinges are located on the left or right side of the door. 
OPENING DIMENSIONS - The rough opening dimensions are listed. The frames are designed to slip into your door frame and be adjusted as needed.
WALL THICKNESS - There is no minimum or maximum wall thickness.  The vault frame is 6"D standard. 

CUSTOM FEATURES - If you need something custom please ask! We do all sorts of custom work.