What makes a good lock? When securing valuables, it’s important to maximize your safe’s security with a lock accommodating for your lifestyle. For this reason, it’s best to select a lock based upon your lifestyle needs. Examine the guide below:

Dial combination locks are classic and still widely used today. They carry a low failure rate. Dial locks do not require batteries to change, therefore do not require power. The Group II combination locks have come a long way and are very resilient.  While taking more time to open, a dial lock may not be quick access.

Digital electronic locks have increased in popularity over the years, largely to the quick entry time. Digital locks can be configured at any time and allow for simple combo changes. Many
Group II carry a penalty lockout mode and indicate when batteries are getting low.  The downside to a digital lock is the battery and electronic components. Standard ware and tare go along with the electronic components.

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